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The LDK Ventures, LLC executive team has been working together at LDK for an average of 15 years. Through years of collaboration on challenging projects and issues, the LDK team's continuity has created a highly functional platform for resolving project related issues and creating value for its investors. The LDK team has a demonstrably successful track record for planning, entitlement and development of large-scale master planned and "brownfields" projects. Additionally, the executive team has successfully created value in distressed residential assets and adaptive mixed use projects.


Larry Kelley | LDK Ventures

Larry Kelley

Founder and Chairman

Frank Myers | LDK Ventures

Frank Myers

Principal - Chief Financial Officer

Denton Kelley | LDK Ventures

Denton Kelley

Managing Principal

Alan Hersh | LDK Ventures

Alan Hersh

Principal - Executive Vice President

Jay Heckenlively | LDK Ventures

Jay Heckenlively

Principal - General Counsel

David Mastro | LDK Ventures

David Mastro

Senior VP - Property Management