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A black and white photo of the Principal and Chief Financial Officer for LDK Ventures, Frank Myers.

Frank Myers

Principal - Chief Financial Officer

Frank Myers is the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer for McClellan Business Park and Chief Financial Officer for LDK Ventures. Mr. Myers is responsible for overall operations of McClellan Park and arranging financing, financial reporting, internal controls, financial analysis, business plan development, human resources and MIS systems for the various LDK Ventures operations. Mr. Myers has arranged private and public financing totaling over $1 Billion.

Some of Mr. Myers’ accomplishments include leading the diligence efforts on the acquisition of McClellan Air Force Base (subsequently renamed McClellan Park), arranging various credit facilities to accommodate development at McClellan Park, the Sacramento Railyards and Stanford Ranch. This included development of the Public Facilities Financing Plans for McClellan Park and the Sacramento Railyards, subsequent formation of community facilities districts, tax increment agreements, and bond sales to finance portions of required infrastructure. Mr. Myers developed the MIS and accounting systems related to the operation of each business unit, including McClellan Park and various subsidiaries such as McClellan Hospitality Services and McClellan Jet Services. In his role Mr. Myers also works closely with the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, and other municipal agencies to arrange public financing on various projects.

Prior to joining McClellan Park and Stanford Ranch, Mr. Myers was employed as the General Manager of First Financial Services, a Sacramento based mortgage loan originator and Servicer. With First Financial his responsibilities were the oversight of the primary business units of loan origination, loan servicing and affiliated property management and general contracting businesses. His experience also includes a controllership position with PMG Management, a Sacramento based property management firm. In this position, Mr. Myers oversaw financial controls for the firms operations, including five divisions in California and Arizona. He was chiefly responsible for devising reporting capabilities to support management of RTC assets, various financial institutions, and court ordered receivership reports as well as private investors. Mr. Myers also spent five years with Certified Companies, a real estate syndication and investment management firm in San Jose, California. In this capacity he was actively involved in operations, planning, tax forecasting and investor reporting.