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See how LDK is shaping our community.

Industrial Commercial icon


Discover our portfolio of Industrial and Commercial projects. From industrial complexes to warehouses to business and retail space, LDK specializes in large scale industrial and commercial projects.

Multi-Family Residential icon


Explore our portfolio of Multi-Family and Residential projects. LDK’s multi-family and residential projects span multi-family apartments and townhomes to luxury senior living communities to master-planned residential communities.

Urban Mixed Use icon


Get a glimpse of our portfolio of Urban Mixed-Use projects. LDK specializes in adaptive reuse and mixed-use urban projects that support urban communities. Discover projects like The Sacramento Railyards & McClellan Business Park.

“The team at LDK is extremely sophisticated and efficient. If they say that that they are going to do something, they will not only follow through but will communicate clearly throughout the process.”

About LDK Ventures

LDK Ventures, LLC (LDK) is an entrepreneurial real estate development and investment company. The LDK team has significant experience in the development of master-planned communities, “brownfields,” adaptive reuse, mixed-use and industrial projects. LDK also has a history successfully acquiring valueadd and distressed real estate investment opportunities.


  • MAY 22, 2022

    2022 Redefining the Core: Major projects in the River District and Railyards

  • MAY 11, 2022

    Affordable housing in Railyards to start construction in June

  • APRIL 7, 2022

    Investor snaps up 618,000 sf warehouse in Vacaville leased by Amazon