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A black and white photo of the Founder and Chairman of LDK Ventures, Larry Kelley.

Larry Kelley

Founder and Chairman

Larry Kelley has been involved in Real Estate for more than 40 years. Larry is an active real estate developer and investor, with properties primarily in Northern California. He is President and a Managing Member of McClellan Park, LLC, the development group responsible for converting McClellan Air Force Base into a 3,000-acre business park. Investments and operating companies focus on opportunistic real estate opportunities in land, industrial, and office buildings, and apartments. His entities control 10,000,000 square feet of buildings and 800 acres of developable land, as well as over 800 apartments.

Mr. Kelley is also President and Managing Member of Stanford Ranch I, LLC, a 4,000-acre master planned community in Rocklin, CA home to over 8,000 families and approximately 500 acres of land with retail, office and industrial uses developed over the last 28 years.

In addition, Mr. Kelley and his team developed the vision for McClellan Park. When most business and political leaders in the region felt the base closure spelled certain economic collapse for northern Sacramento County, Mr. Kelley saw the opportunity to convert the base into a first class multi-faceted business park. This was accomplished by a combination of adaptive reuse of selected existing facilities and developing new buildings as needs required. As the vision for the project has been implemented, McClellan employment now totals over 17,000. McClellan has become a major economic engine for the County of Sacramento.

He now leads his team in the development of the Sacramento Railyards, a 200 acre urban infill which will double the size of Downtown Sacramento. Entitled for over 6,000,000 square feet of office and commercial buildings and 10,000 residential units.

In addition to Mr. Kelley’s role in Stanford Ranch and McClellan Business Park, his forty years of experience include more than 20 master planned communities in Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona and California.