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Miscellaneous Residental

In addition to the commercial development and master planning experience, the LDK Ventures senior management team has significant residential development experience, including:

Stanford Ranch Rezone: LDK completed a rezone in 2012 of 90 acres from commercial to single family residential land use. This process required a general plan amendment and some environmental studies to support a mitigated negative declaration by the City of Rocklin. The rezone was complete in 12 months from the submittal of the application.

Grays Crossing (Truckee, CA): Acquisition and re-marketing of 81 finished lots in Grays Crossing Community. The first lot sales commenced in February 2012 and sell-out of all lots was completed in November of 2016.

Stanford Ranch: Over 2,000 multi-family units brought to market and built o ut in the Stanford Ranch community. The popularity of Stanford Ranch has drawn many apa rtment builders, largely due to the carefully planned community that maximized densities in the appropriate areas to provide successful rental communities.

The Villas at Stanford Ranch: This luxury community provides independent and assisted living services with memory care, and boasts 110 residential units ranging in size f rom 344 - 1,155 square feet.

Placer Vineyards: In May 2013, LDK acquired a 114-acre parcel in the Placer Vineyard Specific Plan in Placer County, CA. LDK began its underwriting and closed the short sale in a matter of 30 days. The team is reentitling the project to maximize land value and recently recorded a small lot tentative map.

Capehart Housing: Redevelopment of the 545-unit Capehart Housing in Antelope. The former off-site housing project for McClellan Air Force Base this site was fully renovated, marketed and ultimately sold as a multi-family project.

Lawrence Links Golf Course: Redevelopment of the Lawrence Links Golf Course in Antelope. Adjacent to the Capehart project this 9-hole course formerly served the Air Force Base but was not viable in the private sector. A re-zone of this 66-acre site for residential development has been completed with Sacramento County.

McClellan Housing: Redevelopment of the 154-units of housing at McClellan. The on-base housing at McClellan was redeveloped and marketed as for-rent housing and is currently a very successful multifamily project known as The Villages at McClellan.