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Stanford Ranch

Rocklin, CA

  • 4,000 Acres
  • Master Planned Community
  • Rocklin, CA

A Leading Master-Planned Development

The Stanford Ranch Master Planned Community is regarded as one of the most successful master planned developments in the country. Larry Kelley took leadership of the development in 1989 when he was brought in by Eli Broad to oversee the development. The Stanford Ranch Master Plan includes approximately 4,000 acres of land in Rocklin, Placer County and Roseville that generated over 6,000 residential lots. The LDK Ventures team designed, financed, and constructed all of the infrastructure necessary to make the development a long-term sustainable asset for the community. 

The management team recently guided the project through its final phase of development in rezoning some commercial zoned land to a single family and multifamily residential use. The quality planning and long-term perspective of the project has paid off in generating significant employment, quality housing, and economic growth to South Placer County.

Significant development projects within Stanford Ranch include: 

  • Foothill Business Park in Roseville: Located at Blue Oaks and Foothills Boulevard, this project now holds over 1MM sf and houses an Agilent facility, Pasco Scientific, Union Pacific, The Pride Industries headquarters, and several others. Development consisted of the widening and improvement of Blue Oaks Boulevard and improvement of Foothill Boulevard. Annexation of 124-acres was completed in 2001 with successful negotiation of a development agreement with the city of Roseville. 
  • Stanford Ranch Corporate Center: In Rocklin, this park houses Oracle, Placer Title, and EMF Corporate headquarters. This 125-acre park includes plans for retail as well as office and flex development. 
  • Atherton Tech Center in Rocklin: One of the most successful business parks in the area, Atherton Tech has become a home for several significant firms, including the GAP, TASQ, William Sonoma, and Verifone. This 233-acre business park was developed to accommodate over 1,000,000 square feet of office and industrial space. The highly-successful business park was sold out in 2002. 
  • Foothill Commerce Center: An industrial development covering 75 acres and an anticipated 800,000 sf to be built over time. 
  • Parkside Industrial Park: This park includes a 135,000 sf project with ten industrial buildings and yard. The Hertz equipment rental is also located at this park along Highway 65.
  • Stanford Ranch Office Plaza: A 165,000 square foot office project in Rocklin consisting of 14 professional office buildings. 
  • Blue Oaks Industrial Park in Roseville: Completed in 2000 and consisting of entitlement and construction of Allentown Road and related utilities. The Industrial Park currently houses the 750,000 square foot R.C. Willey facility.
map of Stanford Ranch
external image of Stanford Ranch