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Horizons at South Meadows

Reno, NV

  • 345 Units
  • 19.54 Acres
  • 350,000 SF

Apartment Living in Reno, NV

LDK Ventures acquired the Horizons at South Meadows in November of 2020. The property consists of a 345 unit multifamily property located on 19.54 acres off Double R Boulevard with access to newly expanded Moana Lane, US 395, South Virginia Street, and other major thoroughfares.

The Garibaldi Company is performing all property management services for the property. The property further expands LDK’s multifamily portfolio and it is the company’s first property acquisition in Reno, NV.

image of laptop displaying home page of horizons at south meadows

Visit the Horizons
at South Meadows site.