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A black and white photo of the Principal and Executive Vice President for LDK Ventures, Alan Hersh.

Alan Hersh

Principal - Executive Vice President

Alan Hersh is responsible for multiple projects, coordinating entitlements, community outreach, government relations, site-work engineering and design, infrastructure and development construction. Mr. Hersh leads the project team consisting of the EPA, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the Air Force, and the County of Sacramento for the privatized clean-up of the former McClellan AFB. Mr. Hersh was also highly involved in the master planning, entitlement and development of the Stanford Ranch and McClellan Park projects.

In addition, Mr. Hersh has special expertise in project acquisition, due diligence, master planning new communities, negotiation and managing complex environmental transactions, procurement of entitlements, including specific plans, Environmental Impact Reports, general plan amendments, brown-field redevelopment properties, tentative maps and final subdivision map approvals. Mr. Hersh has been directly involved and responsible for negotiating multiple ESCA agreements, as well as securing federal grants at McClellan Business Park.

Additionally, he has overseen the planning and construction of $60MM worth of infrastructure upgrades at the park. Mr. Hersh also managed the final phases of infrastructure for Stanford Ranch, including planning and management from initial design through acceptance by the municipalities.

At McClellan Park, Mr. Hersh has been instrumental in coordinating appropriate entitlements for a myriad of property types, ranging from single-family homes to hotels to heavy industrial uses, including short line rail and airport projects. He has also been the point person in coordinating the resolution of environmental issues, from wetlands to significant contamination. In addition, he has extensive experience in large residential development projects throughout California.