Stanford Ranch

Rocklin, CA

• 4,000 Acres

• Master Planned Community

• Rocklin, CA

The Stanford Ranch Master Planned Community is regarded as one of the most successful master planned developments in the country. Larry Kelley took leadership of the development in 1989 when he was brought in by Eli Broad to oversee the development. The Stanford Ranch Master Plan includes approximately 4,000 acres of land in Rocklin, Placer County and Roseville. The management team designed, financed and constructed all of the infrastructure necessary to make the development a long-term sustainable asset for the community. The management team recently guided the project through its final phase of development in rezoning some commercial zoned land to single-family and multi-family residential uses. The quality planning and long-term perspective of the project has paid off in generating significant employment, quality housing and economic growth to South Placer County.

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